I've always desired 3 things in life: motherhood, discipleship, and creativity. 


Now more than ever, I've felt the urgency to share these passions so I can strengthen and preserve my family along with those who need a bit of lifting.  


Most beautiful things in this world begin with a mother. And my story is no different. My mother planted the seed of writing within me.


She may not have given much thought to her diligent journaling, but my childhood memories are filled with stolen glances while running past her in my play--her at the table with pen in hand, journal after journal.


I always wondered what treasured thoughts she left in those pages--but now that I'm a mother, I think I know.


So like my mother, I write to collect the meaningful moments of motherhood, and the insignificant ones, too.


I write to bring hearts unto Christ and find peace on the road to discipleship.


And I write to capture life and bottle up the days so I never forget how magical the ordinary can be.


Sharing stories is my specialty, especially when they include my four children: Luella, Avett, Sanders, and Cohen. We are Texas-living and Christ-believing.


Thanks for staying awhile!