January 28, 2017



Ladybugs are lucky, right? Because I just sucked up about 40 of them in my vacuum. I've never ever seen that many ladybugs all hanging out together in my life.


I put Cohen down for a nap and walked past our playroom and saw a million tiny moving dots on the ceiling. After a mini panic attack thinking baby spiders had come to play, I realized they were ladybugs.


Now I love me a cute ladybug, but seeing 40 of them together is just not ok! It suddenly makes them THE nastiest things.


We had a cold front come through and it must have made them all frisky because there has literally been a ladybug explosion outside. It's not even spring!


I felt bad sucking them all up one-by-one because they are one of the few friendly insects I don't mind (and even get excited about when I spot one) but they can't just invade my house like that.


Sanders has since enjoyed counting the sleeping ladybugs in the vacuum. The vacuum has a clear container so you can see all the lovely contents.


"Mommy, wadybugs weepin'. Nigh' nigh.'"


It better be a lucky year for us!


*Editor's note: The ladybugs came in through a crack where our two balcony doors meet in our playroom upstairs. After spraying bug poison, we've only had 7 ladybug encounters since.

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