January 28, 2017






When you make homemade hot chocolate and Avett says, "This is nasty, right, Mom?"


When you turn your back for a minute and then find Avett "bouncing" Cohen in his bouncer, with his head catching air.


When you're in the shower and Sanders tries to tell you something about Avett and you hear crying in the next room. And Avett walks in crying, strapped to the bouncer.


When you find Sanders feeding a Hot Wheels to Cohen.


When you find Avett's underwear in the bathroom in a corner under a stool.


When Sanders touches Cohen's nipple and Avett asks if a nipple is a type of bone.


When the boys jump up from the couch making raptor noises and Cohen thinks he is dead.


Whem thr bo8sy use yoour keyboar d as a road]ayy for thei r cars.54798


Are you tired yet?! All this happened before 3 o'clock. I never thought I'd be a "boy mom." I always pictured myself with a bunch of little girls who play pretend all day and dance around the house.


Heavenly Father must have known to send me Luella first, He is smart.


But I LOVE my boys. They make my house full. They make my days full. And just look at those faces. 

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