February 21, 2017

Writing has always been a big part of my life but somewhere, I think around the time Sands (baby #3) was born, I distracted myself with a bad habit. This habit had several names; Target, Chick-fil-A, Sephora, and Hobby Lobby are the few I'll call out.


Over time my bad habit started building a barrier between me and my dream to workout (fast food is just so easy), my goal to write every night (hello online shopping) , and my desire to be a better mom (I can buy my way into my children's heart, right?) 


Spending money became my distraction from the daily monotony of motherhood. And I hated it.


I hated the guilt I felt when driving home with a trunk-full of Target bags. I hated the way my body felt after eating fast food multiple times a week. It was an endless cycle I couldn't seem to break. 


But when January 2017 rolled around I was determined to catch the New Year's resolution bug and make some big changes in my life. 


I had a simple goal to listen to more podcasts. So one day while washing 4-day old dishes I put on a podcast that talked about how to overcome setbacks in our life. And I literally had one of those moments that flipped the switch for me. 


A New York Time's Bestselling Author shared her story of rejection that lasted over a decade. But instead of giving up, she used her setback to push her towards her dreams. 


Whatever she said in that podcast inspired me to open a Twitter account. So I just did it. It was so foreign to me, but I started writing daily tweets that helped me look at my life more creatively. It became a game to see how many crazy one-liners I could come up with just by doing what I do everyday.


I had 2 followers--my husband, and my sister. But since then I have been mentioned on Babble as part of their "Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week" so it's nice to know my audience has expanded.


The excitement I felt from tweeting daily revived my love of writing. It made me forget how much I missed it. And it also distracted me from my bad habit. I could feel the walls coming down.


It sounds so silly but opening that Twitter account sparked motivation in other areas of my life, too. In the last 4 months I've only eaten out once and I started a workout routine! 


I've appreciated motherhood in a new way. Speaking of . . . I smell poop so that's my cue, but stay tuned for part 2 of me "breaking bad." 



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