February 28, 2017



I can pick out 5 distinct moments that shaped my love of country living.


Number 1: The Dixie Chicks and "Wide Open Spaces."


Number 2: Skip. My childhood horse. He deserves his own separate post.


Number 3: My college Western Lit class reading Edward Abbey's idea of "livin' off the land."


Number 4: Reading Farm City while I nursed Luella as a baby. One of my favorite books. Read it. It will make you laugh.


Number 5: Viral YouTube videos of goats. 




I think I can add "Texas living" to the list and make that Number 6. Also, where does one buy a Texas Longhorn?? I think he would be good company for my goats. 


Urban Farming is my next venture. But only in like 5 years when the kids are old enough to help out and aren't afraid of goats. I need to find a good petting zoo . . . 







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