March 4, 2017


PREFACE: I found my children with a pile of acorn hats at the park a few weeks ago. It made me think about what makes acorns so intriguing to children. Thus, the following story is inspired by the above picture. 


You might be tempted to think that there is nothing special about a plain old forest acorn.


But acorns have been keeping a secret for a very long time.


A very magical secret. 


This magical secret lies inside an acorn's hat.


Which is why every acorn knows that their most prized possession is, of course, their hat. 


And just think--this whole time you thought those hats were meant for warming their little bald heads on a crisp fall morning!


And while that is an added bonus, the hat serves a far greater purpose.


The hat protects alllllll of the magic needed to grant a child exactly 1 wish. 


Unlocking the magic is fairly simple.


Should I tell you how to do it?


If I tell you, you have to promise to never write down the unlocking code. Do you promise? 


I hope you have a good memory . . . 


Once you find an acorn, here's what you have to do:


1. Give your acorn a hug to let it know you're a kind kid.


2. Whisper "Regia Juglans Carya" as fast as you can 3 times.


3. Shake the acorn like a maraca for 16 and a half seconds. 


4. Now tap the top of the acorn hat 5 times.


5. Slowly spin the hat counter clockwise 2 times.


6. Then twist the hat clockwise the number of times as your age.


That's it! Is the code memorized in your brain?  


As soon as you remove the hat from the acorn's head, the magic will release into the air and begin to float around you.


The color of acorn magic is golden like a popcorn kernel right before it




When the popping begins, this is when you should whisper your wish into the wind and let the magic take hold of your words. 


Don't forget to put the acorn's hat back on once the colors disappear, because even though it's magic is released, you might hear it say, "I'm freezing my head off!" 


So the next time you go exploring in the forest, remember, you are foraging for magic










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