March 7, 2017

I always tell people I'm in the thick of motherhood right now.


Like--holding a toddler on the potty for the first time while nursing a fussy teething baby while searching through the 1000+ lego box for that one clear piece while asking Siri what "vertices" are for your 6-year-old's homework because your brain deleted that information--type of motherhood. 


Tired yet!?


But I found a secret weapon whenever we have days like these: bath time! It's become Cohen's greatest distraction since teething kicked in full-force last week. There's just something about being submerged in warm water with bubbles that takes away the teething blues.

I've basically been living in the bathroom since I started potty training Sanders last week, too (horrible timing on my part, but I ran out of diapers so that was my cue).


So it's been nice that Cohen can hang in the tub while I chill on the floor next to him as I coach Sands along. We've had lots of bathroom parties! 

I think the only reason I can call spending 80% of my day in the bathroom a "party" is because lately we've been using a new baby bath tub from Shnuggle


It's funny because I've probably tried like, 5 different baby bath tubs between all of my children and never found one I actually loved.  


The other baby tubs I've tried had little support and my babies usually ended up sliding halfway down the tub within a few minutes--which was kinda stressful and made my back ache with the constant bending over to save their life.

But I have to say, The Shnuggle Bath actually props Cohen up the entire time because of this little built in "bum bump." He loves being able to sit up all by himself and look around, too. 

His face cracks me up. 

And you know how some baby products are just not that . . . aesthetically pleasing? (just say no to primary colors) Well thank you, Shnuggle, for actually making a baby item that I enjoy looking at! 

So The Shnuggle Bath is a win for us! It only took me 7 years to find a baby bath I love--I guess Cohen lucked out.

*This post is in partnership with Shnuggle. My opinions are honest and the experiences shared are mine!

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