March 10, 2017

The following story is inspired by the above picture. We visited a cave in the Austin area and they randomly had a pen of zebra and goats. My dad kept feeding the zebra popcorn. To this day, Sanders always talks about the zebra and how they love popcorn. These are two of Sanders' favorite things right now. I wish I could dedicate more time to this story, but--kids . . .  


Chewy the zebra loved popcorn. It was his favorite treat.


He loved popcorn so much he even had a sign on his fence that said, "Popcorn, please."


Chewy waited patiently by his favorite rock every day until the sun began to melt against the trees.


That was when the air would start to fill with buttery sea salt.


Then Chewy would gallop quicker than a hungry hippo to the fence to see a line of children holding bags to the brim of popcorn.


The children loved to feed popcorn to Chewy because it made him do fancy tricks. It was their favorite game. 


Some children would choose to throw the popcorn as high as they could into the air like a slingshot.


This would make Chewy flip around like a fish stuck in the sand. 


Others would hold a handful of popcorn through the fence for Chewy to come along and tickle their palms with his lion-like whiskers as he nibbled the popcorn.


And once the bags were emptied, the children would pat Chewy on the neck and trickle back to their homes, leaving him alone.


If he was lucky, he could stretch his tongue through the fence and reach the fallen popcorn pieces that were left behind on the ground. 


His days ended this way for as long as he could remember.


Until one day, he found something strange on the ground while searching for fallen popcorn.


It was the size of a pea, but it looked like a golden gem. 


What could it be? 


Chewy took the golden gem carefully between his front teeth and brought over to his favorite rock.


He studied it's oval shape until it got too dark to see.


When Chewy woke up the next morning, he found the golden gem right where he had left it on his rock. He stared at it for one solid hour before deciding to go eat some grass.


At high noon the sun had made Chewy's favorite rock so hot that all of a sudden, Chewy heard a tremendous POP!


He turned to see that the golden gem had turned into a piece of popcorn!


Chewy jumped and twisted high into the air like a monkey on a vine. What a wonderful surprise! How did a piece of popcorn fit inside the tiny golden gem?


Chewy sniffed the popcorn to make sure it was real and then slowly crunched it around his mouth. It was the best surprise he had ever gotten.








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