March 27, 2017

Sometimes (ok MOST times . . . er, pretty much all the time) it's hard for me to look past my everyday life. And it's not because I literally always have hair in my face--thanks boys! But it's because it really has been a challenge lately to step outside the four walls of my home and remember that these days won't last forever.


Do I love what I do? Absolutely. Being a mother is my dream job and a calling I have been preparing for my whole life.


So what catches me off guard are the little things that no one told me about when I was preparing for motherhood. All I knew was it was an amazing gift and sometimes the days would feel long but it would go by fast and they grow up SO fast.


No one told me I'd have compassion on a dairy cow.


No one told me I'd find cheese balls in the dryer.


No one told me I wouldn't flinch at getting peed on.


No one told me that boys throw underwear in your face.


No one told me I should perfect the french braid.  


And no one told me that inside my perfect baby newborn was a big personality waiting to emerge. 


I suppose it's the best kept secret of motherhood. We all do it. And we all just have to figure it out. If we did somehow forewarn each other about the expectations and experiences of motherhood, I suppose the human population wouldn't look too good. 


We all have our own journey and motherhood looks differently for everyone, but we all share the same stories, the same fears, the same moments of complete exhaustion, and the same moments of complete love.


I love motherhood. It's the hardest thing I've ever done in my life.


In elementary school I thought I knew how to be kind no matter what. THEN I HAD A TODDLER. In high school I once thought that trying out for the school musical would prove to be the most anxious I'd ever feel. WRONG-O. In college, I once thought I knew how to multi-task. HA. As a newlywed, I thought my heart could never be fuller--then we had 4 beautiful babies together.


So what's my motto? Full hands, full heart.


They were right about one thing--the days are long, but the years are flying.


And I think one day when my babies are grown, I'll look back at these moments inside the walls of my home and realize how these tiny moments shaped and molded me in a way different from everybody else. 


I guess I'm glad no one ever told me. 







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