March 29, 2017

His sweet beautiful baby locks are gone. It aged him about 2 years and Avett is so happy that he has a little twin. 


"Mom! Sanders looks JUST like me!"


He totally does.


I knew his hair reached its peak when Luella tried braiding it during Sacrament Meeting at church on Sunday.


I do like that I can see his eyes and that he can see the walls. 


Sanders is a very tender soul.


He always says "Good morning, Mom!" when he wakes up. He will wave bye to Brett in the mornings and say, "Bye, Dad! Love you!" And he loves asking "Mom, will you play with me?" We usually play cars and his name is either "Daddy" or "Mommy." 


He loves to sing and lead the music. He loves to give hugs. 


And if you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that Sanders told me his eyes are blue like Capri Suns. He makes connections that surprise me. 


He loves to whine at about 2:45 pm everyday until bedtime but he refuses to take an afternoon nap. 


He loves goldfish just like his Aunt Kelly. In fact, I went to feed Cohen and found Sanders on the floor (again) and the box of goldfish was in his bed!? He is sneaky. 


We love him. 







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