April 2, 2017


A couple of thoughts about this:


1. I have a sentimental mother. Thanks, Mom, for saving my 90's cartoon I wrote in the 4th grade.


2. My artistic skills peaked at this point in my life and only went down from there.


3. Every writer has a beginning. 


4. 90's music ruled my life. 


5. The spelling and grammar errors in this piece remain a continual problem to this day. (which is why I'm a creative writer and not an editor). 


6. My 4th grade brain scares me. 


Without further ado, I give you:


"The Disco Club"


Fred: I think I'll . . . get a drink.


DJ: OK our next song is "The Spice Girls!" 


Fred: Oh man! I hate the Spice Girls! Ahhhh! My new shirt covered in Coke!


Anonymous: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


Fred: There, all cleaned up!


Maria: I can't believe that stupid boyfriend of mine. Well, ex-boyfriend now!


Fred: I'm get'n jiggy with it! I love this song! Yea!


Anonymous: This song is hurting my ears!


Fred: Wooo! There's Maria! She's pretty! I'll ask her to dance! Will you dance with me?


Maria: Sure, I'd love to!


Fred: And we live happily ever after!


Maria: My hero!


DJ: And our last song tonight is "My Heart Will Go On!" 



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