April 10, 2017

Luella is the girl I always wanted to be. She is good at math. She pretty much solves her math homework faster than me and using a different method. She has beautiful red lips. She will never need to wear lipstick. She can read a chapter book in one night (usually Ivy + Bean or The Mermaid Tales series). She is learning how to perfect the cartwheel and she is working on getting her first goal during her soccer games.


Luella loves art. As soon as she gets home she starts a new project. She loves to make games for our family to play like scavenger hunts and true or false. A few weeks ago she made a 3D pop up board game that we had to use a marble to fight off a dragon, fish while avoiding an angry duck, and throw a ball to a barking dog. 

Last week we went to her first school district art show. She painted a beautiful bright flower with abstract clouds. I've never been prouder.


She's my girl. 

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