April 20, 2017

Tonight during dinner Luella paused and said, "Mom, I have to tell you something."


It sounded like the beginning of a serious confession so I stopped eating my dinner and turned toward her.


"Cora told a really inappropriate joke today at school," Luella said. 


My first thought was what the heck, you're in FIRST GRADE! What first grader knows naughty jokes!! You shouldn't have to deal with this at 6 years old! And my second thought was, wow, you just used the word "inappropriate." 


"Oh really?" I tried to ask coolly, "what did she say?"


I braced myself for the worse. 


"She said to spell 'i-cup'," Luella said. "Do you get it, Mom? I-C-U-P." 


Brett gave a grunted laugh from the stove and I did my best to hide my sense of relief. 


Elementary school--well played. You sure know how to terrify a mother. 




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