April 30, 2017

Two things:

1. I've always loved Ariel

2. I've always wanted red hair


So I finally crossed off my bucket list item. It's been on the list for probably 10 years and I've just never had the guts to do it. But for whatever reason, today I just took the plunge.


We are going to Costa Rica (sans kids) in like a week and a half, so maybe this is my celebration, my mid-life crisis, my mom rebellion?? Whatever it is, it was fun and scary and totally out of my comfort zone.


I've already had some nice reactions from my family:


My sister: "Mom actually loves it!" (Thanks, Mom.)


My Dad: "Is that real, or are you and Luella just playing?" (What?? Dad? What the heck does this even mean?? You think I let Luella dye my hair?)


Sanders (age 2.5): "Whaaatt!?? Mom! Why your hair red? You look silly!"


Luella (age 6.5): "Mom, your hair actually looks orange. You won't be allowed to come to my school because they don't let unnatural looking hair there." (Pointing to her neon rainbow Barbie house) "Is this the color pink (fushia) you tried to do?" (Nope.) "Oh, what about this orange? (tangerine)" (Still nope.)


I had a few more reactions and I'm sure there will be more at church tomorrow . . . 


I'm telling myself to CHILL because it washes out in a month...it's a temporary dye...so CHILL Ashley!




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