May 2, 2017

Behind every pretty picture is about a 1000 really really crappy pictures--like, REALLY crappy--pictures that I hope will never see the light of screen.


But thanks to the Google Photos app (no, this is not a sponsored or endorsed or ad post--I'm not that cool), every picture I take automatically saves and stores itself in this app--which is both awesome but potentially life-embarrassing threatening. Because with 4 kids I never have time to delete the 1000 crappy photos. So lucky for me, they allll get stored. Crappy photo after crappy photo.


After scrolling through a fun slideshow on my Google Photos tonight, I decided to share a fraction of the crappy pictures, because they are just too bad not to.


Here's to unedited, totally raw pictures of real life.


Enjoy . . . 


 Avett is the #1 kid who "ruins" my shots.


The baby crotch grab is the easiest place to prop them up but the most unflattering. Also, can anyone Photoshop my tendons??


If your arm gets a cramp after propping up a baby for only 3 seconds, you know it's time to up the number of your girl push-ups.


No, I'm not trying to recreate the Dirty Dancing scene, I just learned that my phone has a self-timer.


Those "candid" mom moments are so endearing.  


Lesson learned, it's always a bad idea to have a photo shoot with kids after soccer games.  


So motherly. Just the two of us, looking off into the distance like we do everyday. 


 I'm just as confused with my sideburns as you are, Cohen.


 Snuggling's our favorite. 


Just ignore that other child in the background ruining our shot and pretend we are having a precious moment where I'm . . . holding . . . your leg . . . up . . . .


"Cohen is only 6 months old and already sitting . . . " Dang it, Cohen!


I woke up like this. 

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