May 19, 2017

Have you ever been in the shower and suddenly you hear screaming? And you try and decipher if it's happy-play screams, or hurt-fight screams.


I heard those screams recently when I had a lathered head of shampoo going. Turns out it was a happy-play scream because I found Avett attached to the baby bouncer--buckled in and everything--and he somehow managed to stand up and walk around the house with the bouncer attached to his back. He thought it was hilarious . . . totally gave me a heart attack though!


I usually set out a box of toys for the boys to play with while I shower and get ready for the day, but lately they've decided to opt out . . . leading to the previously mentioned story (and then some). 


I needed a way to up my game. So when KidloLand reached out to me and offered a free 6-month subscription to their educational app, I was IN. This app has really been a game changer to our morning routine.


So, here are my TOP 3 REASONS why KidloLand is our new favorite app:


1. Interactive Activities 

The thing I love most about KidloLand is that it's an all-in-one type of app because it includes so many diverse activities. They have coloring pages, nursery rhymes, math games, colors & shapes sections, and phonic learning to name a few favorites.


The app is uniquely interactive. In one of the sections there is a "Fish Aquarium Coloring" activity. I thought it was cute that you get to color a fish, and then drop it into its aquarium. But then you get to actually watch the fish you colored swim around. Then we discovered you get to feed it, too! It was such a fun extra detail that made a simple coloring activity come to life. 


Every activity has something fun to tap which keeps my boys captivated. I spent a good while exploring the different activities with the boys and we were laughing when we found a monster with dirty teeth and it was our job to help clean him up. Because there is so much to explore in this app my boys actually enjoy sitting together and learning.


2. Navigation

Some kid apps we've used are super hard to navigate, but KidloLand has it figured out because even Sands can easily enter and exit activities. I love the simple right and left toggle feature to scroll through the different sections. Each section also has a title at the top with a big picture below so even my non-readers can figure out what the activity is all about.


Navigation is huge during my morning routine because I don't have to jump in and out of the shower to help my kids get to the activity they want. They can do it all by themselves! They love that independence--and so do I!


3. Parental Security

Ok I have to give huge props to KidloLand for its parental security. I feel at ease that my kids can play freely in the app without any annoying pop-ups or potential accidental purchases. The app has a "grown ups" feature but in order to enter, it asks a subtraction or addition math problem. So if Avett starts pushing buttons, he won't be able to enter.


I feel totally comfortable letting the boys play the app when I'm not sitting right by them. I don't have to monitor their every tap, which means I can get ready faster.


It's been great being able to get ready in the mornings without having to worry about what the boys are up to! They love playing the app and I love that they are safe doing so and having fun AND learning at the same time. 


This app has been a total mom help!


If you're interested in KidloLand, you can find it here:



Google Play Store

Amazon Appstore


*I was given a free 6-month subscription to KidloLand in exchange for a review. All thoughts expressed in this post are my own honest thoughts and opinions. Thanks for the subscription, KidloLand! We've loved this app so much!










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