May 22, 2017

Tonight I fed the kids ice cream for dinner. It was a first, and probably not the last. Maybe it's because it's the last week of school. Or maybe it's because they were tornadoes today which left me with no energy. Either way, it was a win for us all. 


Also, it's bug season here in Texas. I'm not sure why my children has a fascination with doors, but every time I turn around, the door is open.


"Shut the door" has become one of my top 5 phrases I repeat throughout the day. Luella is starting to understand what's at stake when the doors are left open.


I overheard this conversation she had with Avett the other day: 


Luella: Shut the door! 


Avett: Why? (closes door)


Luella: There's a moth! Moths are SO mean. Moths are meaner than a bee. You will have to go to the hospital if one stings you.




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