August 10, 2017

Sometimes we tell Avett he is part werewolf (side note--say "werewolf" out loud--do you say it "wereWOOF"?? If you do--you're wrong. I've had several conversations with family members about the proper pronunciation of this word and there is a dead split on those who say "woof" versus "wolf." Be on the right side.)


Anyway, back to Avett. He is hairy. Which is to be expected because his daddy has some good hair genes.


Avett was stroking Brett's arm the other day and looked up at him and asked when he would grow "fur" like his. It was awesome. Then I shaved his werewolf hairline (Avett's that is. For Brett's sake I should mention that he does NOT have the mark of the werewolf like his sons do.)


The mark of the werewolf literally starts on the back of Avett's neck when his hairline ends, and it follows a straight line like a perfect little path, right down his back--expect it's not centered with his spine, it grows a degree or two just to the left, which makes it even cooler.


I really need to get a picture of that thing when it grows back next week.


Sanders has one too. His is actually centered with his spine. I wonder how Cohen's will grow?


Sanders and Avett freak out every time I cut their hair. They always end up eating their hair clippings along with their snot and tears. I don't think I'd ever make a great hair stylist.


I always start off nice--"Great job, Buddy! Now turn thhhhiiis way---gooood."


Something about going around their ear though is always the game changer---"Just a MINUTE!! Hold still--no! Don't turn that way! STOP! MOVING!" I'm a nice mom. 


Maybe Cohen's werewolf mark grows on top of his head because everyone thinks I intentionally cut his hair into a mohawk--but it just grows that way. Only on top. It started getting out of control so I had to cut it--his first baby haircut. 


And now he looks about a hundred years older--sorry baby!



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