September 14, 2017

Well, we've been in our new home for about a month now and I feel confident in telling you that I will die in this house. I never ever want to see another box again. 


Our move really wasn't that bad. The most annoying part of it all was having to explain x4 to the internet company that I didn't want their bundle package. Is it so hard to believe that I don't want cable or a landline? Is this not the year 2017? I don't want any bundles unless it's a baby. Just give me your internet, please, so I can get to the other 10 phone calls I have on my list. Thanks! K bye!


There's got to be a more efficient way to transfer your life over when it comes to utilities. I bet that's a billion dollar idea right there. 


Speaking of billion dollar ideas . . . I'm going to save this packing paper and gift it to my children for Christmas. 







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