you win some you lose some

September 17, 2017

I've taken a few etiquette classes so I feel properly trained to teach my children the basics in table manners.  


But sometimes the kids have their own "I told you so" moments. 


After an eventual mealtime where food was flying across the table, falling out of children's mouths and landing in cups, I decided to speak up.


"We aren't animals. We eat with our fork and only put ONE bite of food on our fork. If it doesn't fit in your mouth, that means you put TOO much food on your fork. Does everyone understand?"


Every child shook their head so that satisfied me enough.


Then I proceeded to show them how it's done.


I put my fork up to my mouth. But somehow the piece of chicken attached to my fork hit my lip. And then the chicken literally jumped off my fork and fell into my lap (and it was a rather large piece of chicken).


I broke every single rule I had just explained to them.


Luella laughed to tears. And it was just a chain reaction from there. I laughed, too.


You win some you lose some.  



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