i also took a selfie

September 25, 2017

Luella and Avett are at school. Cohen AND Sanders are asleep. It's very rare to have a minute to myself during the day. So I decided to go to the bathroom. Using the toilet with no on-lookers has become a luxury. Then I ate some Starbursts left behind by Grandma and Grandpa's visit.


I also took a selfie to check out my hair color (since I've been researching on how to color it myself) and then I noticed how freaky my burn looks. I burnt it while cooking with oil last week. It'll probably scar.


There's really nothing crazy amazing about this post, expect that I have a quiet minute to myself, and I think it's important to remember the little moments during the day that I wouldn't typically think to record, even if all I did was use the restroom and take a selfie.   




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