picture day

September 26, 2017

Today is picture day at school. The children were so excited.


Luella and I picked out her outfit last night and carefully laid it on her floor. Then we sorted through her pile of bows before deciding on the pink pom pom clip. She agreed to get dressed quickly in the morning and come straight to my bathroom so we would have enough time to curl her hair.


She kept her promise. At 6:40 AM she walked into my bathroom, ready to to go. I wasn't. 


I had just finished cleaning up Sanders' throw up when she walked in, Brett was trying to hide himself in the shower, Avett needed help with his orange bow tie (his choice), and I could hear Cohen crying in in his crib. 


Luella is so patient and forgiving. Sometimes I feel like she has to wait her turn a little too often because she's just so easy. I need to do better at letting her have her moment.


Everyone was ready to go on time though so that felt like a victory. We even had time to practice their pictures before we loaded the car.  

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