October 2, 2017

Sanders came running over to me.


"Mommy, I need to show you what a bad guy did. A bad guy did this." He handed me a dismembered microphone. The brand new one Brett had just bought for the children.


I gasped, but I was able to keep my voice calm. "Sanders, did you do this??"


"No I did not! A monster did it. One of my monsters did it." His big blue eyes looked more concerned than mine. 


"Sanders, are you telling the truth?"


"Yeah, one of my monsters did this."


He finally admitted to his actions after some more questioning. And now we have a dead microphone that hopefully Brett can reassemble. 


Sanders is curious. He likes to see how things work. He is the child that is always taking apart every single piece of the Lego men; cape, helmet, head, legs, arms, and even the hands. I'm constantly finding little plastic body parts all over the floor. 


Sands turns 3 tomorrow. Looks like I need to find an engineer-focused toy . . . 



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