77, AND 7

September 21, 2018

Earlier this week on our morning bike ride Sanders nearly ran into Tommie. He was tail-gating her inch by inch and I was screaming to him to “Go on the other side!!" and "Watch out!!”


We officially met Tommie yesterday.


Tommie (though I’m not sure this is the correct way to spell her name but I deemed it the “ie” version because it seems more feminine) is 77 years old. She walks 7 miles a day and carries two yellow dumbbells. Her deluxe fanny pack has two containers for water bottles and today I gave her some homemade raspberry jam that she put in one of the spots. 


Tommie shared her story with me. She lived in Louisiana for 50 years and her son convinced her and her husband of 56 years to move to Texas and live with him. She was bitter and fought it. But weeks after the move she and her husband discovered they each had cancer. Colon cancer for her, and kidney cancer for him.


I’ve always believed the Lord has His hand in our life. Her husband passed leaving Tommie alone and she sank into depression, broke her hand in the aftermath, and then one day, woke up from it all and made the choice to act. 


What started as a lap around the block soon turned into a mile, then 2, then 3. She told me she didn’t want to waste her life away sitting in a chair. So she did something about it. And here she is, 77, and 7 miles later. She volunteers next week at the local elementary school for the first time, too.


Another neighbor passed her and stopped and commented on how happy Tommie always is. Then this woman (who was around her 60s) got down and pounded out 20 push-ups! I clapped from the swings where I was pushing Cohen. I didn’t mean it as a joke, I was very impressed! Then another older woman (an out of shape woman, mind you) who overheard the conversation left to do sit-ups down the path.


Basically, Tommie influenced 3 women and she didn’t even realize it. I want to be like Tommie.

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