January 13, 2019

This morning we slept in a bit later than we liked, but it was nice to feel rested before heading to San Antonio. The temple is about an hour and a half away. We fed the kids a double breakfast (first cereal, then waffles), loaded the car with headphones and ipods, snacks and water bottles, and our temple bags.


It was a clear crisp morning today with a brisk breeze. We made it to San Antonio with no traffic and I headed inside first while Brett waited with the crew in the car.


The peace I feel inside the temple is a feeling I strive to recreate in my home. I want our home to be a beacon and a refuge from the world.


When I came outside I saw the children walking around the temple with Brett and they ran over to me screaming, "Mom! Mom!" I tried loud-whispering to them to "walk! walk!" but it didn't do much good. 


A lady then took this picture for us. It's a sweet reminder to me of our family temple days. As the kids get a bit older we won't have to load them all up and take them with us (since it's an all day thing to go to the temple), and I think I'll miss it! 


When it was Brett's turn I took the kids to the McDondald's kiddy-corner to the temple. We were all excited about the new upgraded PlayPlace. It's the little things!


We stopped at Buccee's on the way home for the first time and explored the Costco of all gas stations and brought 4 buckets of cotton candy home with us. 


And now I'm ready for bed! 




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